Polish (Poland)Español(Spanish Formal International)English (United Kingdom)

1 page of standard translation:

  • from Polish into Spanish - 40 PLN
  • from Spanish into Polish - 35 PLN

The above mentioned price refers to both: ordinary and sworn translations.

1 page of sworn translation - 1125 characters with spaces.

1 page of ordinary translation - 1800 characters with spaces (according to Word Count Tool in Microsoft Word).

1 page of standard translation:

  • from Polish into English - 35 PLN
  • from English into Polish - 30 PLN

As far as the English language is concerned I make only ordinary translations.

Specialist translations (e.g. medical documents) - the price is determined individually, after sending the document via e-mail.

Interpretations: 100 zł/1 hour – Spanish and English

Every hour started is counted as a full hour of interpreting.

In case of interpretations realized outside Poznań one should add the travel costs. Having greater number of hours of interpretation there is a possibility to negotiate the price.

Feel free to contact me in order to receive a detailed and free valuation.

You will find my e-mail address and mobile phone number in the Contact Details section.